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Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition

Table of contents

  1. Kubernetes Installation
  2. CRD Installation
  3. Deploy Example

Powerfulseal can be deployed on Kubernetes cluster to perform random chaos the application services. It also allows teams to define scenarios in their own namespace using Kubernetes Custom Resources (CRD). Powerfulseal adds all CRD-defined scenarios to the ones defined in the policy configuration file (optional). Scenarios are reloaded after the execution of the current run.

Kubernetes Installation

  • Apply the rbac.yml (choose the appropriate namespace) to setup a service account with sufficient privileges

    kubectl apply -f kubernetes/rbac.yml

  • Deploy powerfulseal kubectl apply -f kubernetes/powerfulseal.yml

CRD Installation

  • Create the Custom Resource Definition kubectl apply -f kubernetes/crd.yml

Deploy Example

An example scenario is provided. This creates a sandbox namespace with 2 nginx replicas and ensures their resilience kubectl apply -f kubernetes/sandbox.yml kubectl apply -f kubernetes/sandbox_scenario.yml

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