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Autonomous mode

Table of contents

  1. Writing policies
  2. Metrics collection
  3. Web User Interface

Autonomous mode is the workhorse of the seal. Once you know what kind of experiment you’re after, you can write a yaml file to describe that. For more information on running the autonomous mode, see the help:

$ seal autonomous --help

Writing policies

To learn how to write policies, visit the policies section

Metrics collection

Autonomous mode also comes with the ability for metrics useful for monitoring to be collected. PowerfulSeal currently has a stdout, Prometheus and Datadog collector. However, metric collectors are easily extensible so it is easy to add your own. More details can be found here.

For example, getting prometheus metrics is as simple as adding the flag --prometheus-collector when starting the seal.

Web User Interface

⚠️ If you’re not going to use the UI, use the flag --headless to disable it

PowerfulSeal comes with a web interface to help you navigate Autonomous Mode. Features include:

  • viewing logs
  • viewing the policy

web interface

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